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through -- the last couple of times through three and four if he didn't hit the wall or rub the wall he was leaning on it. the car is tarting purchasing up -- really start pushing up the hill. >> mike: chad knaus driver jimmie johnson in fifth, five seconds back. >> larry: darrell the one thing his lap times talking about kyle busch in the 18 mirroring his teammate in the 20. >> mike: that is your sprint 20 to go. >> darrell: trying to see the right-side of the 18. i don't see any damage on it but he was so close. >> mike: not reflected in his lap times. running just about the same pace as the rest of the top five. >> larry: he did loss about a tenth that time now as we will come back with 16 laps to go. >> darrell: just appears to me he is running much higher in three and four than he has all night long. just right up against the wall and matt is closeing that gap.
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>> mike: day visit reutimann down on the apron. has now taken his car to the garage. >> larry: darrell, that was another tenth and a half. you can see the gap closing right there between kyle busch and a the 20. you can see how much faster and the speed difference on the fox tracks there as he is closing in. >> darrell: and it is in turn three and four. here is where matt is gaining a ton. kyle is up against that wall and i just hasn't -- now he is getting back down off there a little bit more where he has been running all night. losing a ton of time in three and four. >> mike: a battle of two-time darlington winners when kyle won here in 2008 it was his third win of what would become an 8-win season. should he win tonight, it would be his third win of 2013. >> larry: darrell, we have seen it two or three times. look at how far back kenseth in the 20. closes up there 23 feet. >> darrell: kyle can't get through three and four. i don't know what happened to
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his car. right up against the wall. i still think he may have rubbed it. >> mike: no longer if, it is when and could be in the next lap or two as matt kenseth stalks h his teammate. >> darrell: kyle has got trouble with his car. i mean he can't get off -- the car is either pushing really bad or a tire going down or something. >> mike: here comes kenseth for the lead with 13 laps to go. can't clear him off four. >> larry: kyle busch in the 18 the beg run off turn four up on the high side. >> mike: kenseth looking in one. a lapped car ahead. will it be a factor? >> darrell: had to let him go. had to let him go. >> mike: and kenseth is the new leader. >> darrell: cannot get him back. cannot get him back. >> larry: tried the crossover move down the backstretch. >> mike: now, see who gets the jump off four and that has been kyle's achilles heel these last
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ten laps. >> darrell: kenseth is long gone, boys. see ya! don't want to be ya! >> mike: denny hamlin 2.2 back of the duo. jeff gordon three seconds back and jimmie johnson four back. >> larry: and remember, matt kenseth is run aring the race without his crew chief jason radcliff at the racetrack. a one race suspension after the penalties in kansas. wally brown on the pit box making the calls for matt kenseth. >> mike: because of a light weight connecting rod nascar took away the value of the kansas win toward making the chase or toward bonus points. and all that was returned by the appeals board when that appeal was heard this week. so kenseth effectively in the course of this week went from one victory that counted toward the chase and may end up tonight with three. >> darrell: i mean when you look at the names that are in the top ten, kenseth, kyle busch, denny hamlin, jeff
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gordon, jimmie johnson, kevin harvick, sixth place. edwards. dale earnhardt, jr. montoya. all those guys really good at -- here at darlington. >> mike: ten laps to go. what is up with busch, matt? >> matt: radio silence. told rogers the car is extremely tight. i don't know where it came from but the car swung to the tight side. dave suggests try rear brakes into it as a last resort. >> darrell: a dangerous thing to do here. get that thing bad loose in the corner and you will hit the wall. i'm not sure that that is a good idea. >> mike: here comes hamlin. >> larry: his teammate denny ham len in the 11 car lurking back there. we talked about it jeff gordon in the 24. if he can seal the deal with the top five, it will be his 300s this career top five finish in his 700 career starts. >> darrell: i believe he has got something for kyle for sure. kyle is really, really s
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dowfr what he w running all night long. and there does hamlin looking jubd neath kyle. kyle has to let him go. keel busch's car will not turn off the corner. that is where he is losing so much time. when they said put rear brake into it, it is almost like you are trying to turn the car with the rear tires around gets you in trouble here. he just don't like that idea. >> mike: and if jeff gordon gets the top five that means over his entire career his batting average for are top five finishes would be .429 and that is huge! >> larry: what a run. there he goes after kyle busch in the 18 car. >> darrell: can you imagine how dejected kyle feels. led 208 laps tonight and people are driving but you. >> larry: coming into the
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sean he had done that nine laps and didn't go to victory lane. >> mike: jeff gordon tries to ensure there would not be a 1-2-3 toyota finish here in darlington as he moves h his chevrolet into third. behind busch now. jimmie johnson, kevin harvick, carl edwards. montoya, earnhardt and newman. with six to go. jimmie taking the short way around there. boy, kevin harvick has battled back after a change in strategy with two tires. worked h his way back up. clint bowyer a pit road penalty. tout back. >> darrell: what about newman? got the lucky dog three times, running 10th. >> mike: and jimmie johnson moves past kyle busch which
7:37 pm
puts the 18 back to fifth place. >> larry: i don't know if anybody wants to see the white flag waving more than kyle busch. mika four laps to go. >> darrell: the 18 car went all to pieces in three and four. could not get the car to turn. lost a lot of time and then lost the lead. >> mike: behind kenseth the champion brad kezelowski. disappointing night. nine laps down for the sprint cup champ. >> larry: almost like be he threw a light switch. it wasn't like it gradually happened. >> darrell: no, it didn't. he was going, going, going and then something happened. >> mike: three to go. >> darrell: what a hire by coach gibbs. to hire this man to get matt kenseth to come over and drive your cars and look what matt has done. turned out to be the leader of the gibbs group. >> mike: we knew he was a winner. don't know he was such a great
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qualify fear. started winning poles and his son ross drove to victory tonight at south boston, virginia. >> darrell: gibbs a great week and his drivers have, too. >> mike: second place, jeff gordon trying to spoil denny hamlin's comeback. >> larry: he is a little quicker are than denny ham len right now, in the 11 but may be too little too late. >> darrell: so classic jeff gordon, though, larry. how many times have we seen him at the end of the races, white flag in the air, one more shot here at denny hamlin. >> mike: white flag for kenseth. a little bit of traffic in front of second place. >> darrell: clear sailing for the leader. just up here in a long gone cruising to victory. >> mike: and gordon backed off a bit from hamlin who catches the traffic. >> darrell: i think gordon tried real hard in turns one and two and lost a lot of time. don't think he will be able to get denny ham len in the 11.
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>> mike: out of turn four from wisconsin, matt kenseth scores his 27th sprint cup series win! and denny hamlin second. jeff gordon third. jimmie johnson and kevin harvick the top five. kyle busch led 265 laps and finishes sixth. >> darrell: not a bad night for a substitute crew chief. >> [radio]: i can't believe that! gosh, you guys are good! thanks, guys. >> [radio]: good job, guys! >> mike: a one-two finish for coach gibbs. >> larry: what that bunch and team has been through over the last few weeks after the penalty at kansas and to be here without the crew chief jason ratcliff has to be so fulfilling to the group. >> darrell: sometimes adversity makes you stronger and i think this team has risen to that occasion.
7:40 pm
>> darrell: see matt in there? look at him. he is pumped up. >> mike: first win of the season. previous best here was third. he said in prerace this isn't my best track. tonight it is. >> darrell: i don't think he knew what his -- he didn't know what his best tracks were until he got in this car. >> mike: first career victory for interim crew chief wally brown. first win for matt at startgton in his 20th tart here. his three wins in 2013 leads the league. matt ken he seth has won --r matt kenseth has won thenc southern 500! green with envy.s are oh, no, no, no...i'm sorry, but this is all wrong? i would never say that. writer: well what would you say? gecko: well i'd probably emphasize the savings.
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♪ >> [radio]: holy crap!
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>> [radio]: holy crap you guys. we he just won the darlington 500. a dream come true. thank you very, very much, you guys. holy cow! thank you! >> chris: nascar's three-time win they are season the only one matt kenseth the daytona 500 winner. a coke 600 winner and a 64th annual bojangles southern 500 winner and in the prerace kenseth talked about taking notes from denny hamlin as well as kyle busch who had wins here before but hamlin completing 500 miles for the first time since the end of march. completing the race when had the back injury. of course, led 25 laps and spent 8.5 hours with us through the rain in talladega last week. go down to victory lane where matt yocum is standing by. >> matt: his crew chief jason radcliff in the command center in huntersville, north carolina on the computer trying to help the team.
7:44 pm
wally brown on the box. matt, this race special. make it sweeter having this team gone through you what h they went through? >> they are all sweet. honestly i only dreamed about winning the southern 500. feels bigger than any win in my career. feel bad that jason is not here. this is obviously his team and effort. wally a great job filling in. about all of the guys behind me. a fist or sixth place car fighting loose and the last two adjustments awesome. to be able to duke it out with kyle for the end there. a great teammate. denny is as well. a good combination right now. >> matt: what was the biggest challenge trying to dial in the car? >> that was it. we started pretty good and the track took a turn loose which i think a lot of people were expecting. had a hard time getting it. i need to thank sprint and home depot and husky tools, dollar general. toyota, gatorade. citizen watches, game stop and riesers. i appreciate them all.
7:45 pm
>> matt: a big win. >> krista: a big night for joe nearly a month and a half since you were back in a race car for a complete race. how do you feel? >> i'm tired. just worn out. this is a tough grueling race so there is nothing to hang our heads about. second again two years in a row but proud of gordon and everyone for doing this race with us. had a lot of success. but my team just guys on pit road wallace, i mean best in the business. that is all i can say. kept picking us up. kept doing my part on the track and just we needed a 6--mile race. we will get that in a few weeks. >> krista: ready for a 600-mile race? >> charlotte believe it not the 600-miler is not as gruel is as this racetrack. have to stay to mentally tough for so long on top of the physical stuff that you got going on that it is tough to
7:46 pm
overcome and luckily it was a good day for us. >> krista: if there was any question he put doubters to rest. denny hamlin is most certainly back. steve? >> steve: kasey kahne debriefed with rick hendrick. a look at what happened between you and kyle busch. from your point of view what happened? >> we were racing car. time-warner cable chevrolet and i cleared him, you know, getting into three so i had the outside and then i saw he entered so early i knew he was going to not be able to turn when we got to the corner and i was going along. next thing i know i was spinning. felt good and the car was getting better and better as the race went. had to make adjust-s and things. three times this year me and kyle have been had contact and i have had a chance to capable of winning cars. but disappointing on the points side and on not winning the races. but that was a close race and he entered so early and just going straight for the corner.
7:47 pm
whether he hit me or just blew the air off, whatever it was, he blew his entry and i'm not real sure what he was thinking on that. >> appreciate your patience. back to krista. >> krista: with kasey kahne's teammate. 700s this consecutive start. 300th top five. those are big numbers. what did you need in the car to get the biggest number tonight? >> i was excited that darlington was the 700th start and this team was ready to do battle and that is what it takes at the racetrack. proud of the team. i thought allen called a great race. the right adjustments at the right time and got in good track position with tires at the end and had good restarts. you know, we needed track i thought the car was fast there at the end. but i don't know. you know, we just couldn't quite get it. we were always balancing between tight, loose, and right there at end was about the best the car had been and took of a really good. but it started getting tight on me. and then jimmie started catching us.
7:48 pm
i think that is about the best we could have asked for. always want to get out in clean traffic. >> krista: congratulations on the numbers. chris? >> chris: the 300 top fives move jeff gordon to within one of tying for third all h-time. but matt kenseth at age 41 a rebirth are with joe gibbs racing. third victory of the year. more from darlington in a
7:49 pm
7:50 pm
>> chris: podium finish here at darlington raceway. and matt kenseth who said he was looking forward to racing tonight putting the appeal behind him after three weeks of all of that. and with strength enough to lift the trophy. 27th career win for matt kenseth and checking the results here impressived pole yum finish with michael waltrip and chris meyers. how much did the kasey kahne move take out the at the end? >> michael: kasey kahne didn't like the way that kyle entered
7:51 pm
the corner felt like he blew him around. great recovery for kevin harvick. a wave around. lost a lap and got it back and finished top five. juan pablo. we saw the team emerging as a contender this year and continues that trend. >> chris: kurt busch the pole sitter. a pole sitter no success here 16 years running. tony stewart. casey kahne wound up 17th. >> darrell: a solid run by ricky stenhouse. recovered to get a top 20. good for a rookie. joey logano without his crew chief and teammate finished well down the order. i know they will be glad when the whole suspension thing is behind them as well. >> chris: david gilliland who helped david ragan to the upset victory at talladega. he will be in the all-star race next saturday night on speed. >> michael: a chance to celebrate the season. in the all-star race with the best in the business. another chance for david ragan to say a-ha over the big moment
7:52 pm
at talladega. >> chris: kyle busch led at 200 at 400 but in the end matt kenseth after 500. and that took matt kenseth as he hugs his wife in celebration, he went from 11th in points to 4th after that appeal. the final appeal was amended. now, he is up to third which is the best that he has been this season. >> michael: and you can see there is jeff gordon. he was struggling in points this. this night tonight give him a boost up two spots within sight of the 10th place points position which you got to make the case if you going to -- got to make the chase to be the champion. jeff gordon a little more momentum tonight. >> chris: martin truex, jr. and greg biffle on the door step. biffle was the points leader at this time last year and joey logano having to make the adjustment with the crew chief. tony stewart still looking for the first victory of the season as kenseth already has three. >> michael: at least he is gaining a little more momentum. a long way to go but running
7:53 pm
better. arthe fords struggled tonight. edwards the only ford inside the top it ten. they had some problems here. >> chris: joe gibbs racing successful. news on kyle busch and steve byrnes has the latest. steve? >> steve: we got confirmation from the crew chief on the 18 dave rogers that kyle busch had a cut right-rear tire. in fact, when they got it into the garage there was only 12-pounds of air pressure in the right-rear tire. >> chris: thanks, steve. lap leader for the entire season so far is matt kenseth. right behind him is kyle busch and joe gibbs racing celebrating a one-two finish. we'll have more from darlington, south carolina in just a moment. we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of tim and laura.
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>> chris: they have been racing here since 1950 and is certainly matt kenseth joined the burnout. his 19-year-old son ross won in south boston. racing runs successfully in the family and the crew supportive of matt kenseth. >> michael: gets to add the southern 500 to his resume. stay tuned for late local news. also we want to congratulate our audio crew for picking up an emmy for their nascar on fox coverage. the all-star race on speed a week from tonight.
7:56 pm
and you won that, michael waltrip. >> michael: $2 million up the line. when i won it i got 200 grand. ten times nor year. they will be on it on saturday night on speed. >> chris: you are cashing in as a broadcaster. the coca-cola 600. and kasey kahne ran well with jimmie johnson through that. tonight on speed for continuing coverage here from darlington, tune in to victory lane on speed and for all your racing needs. well, a terrific night. the weather held up. and so did matt kenseth. outdueling his teammate kyle busch and in the end denny hamlin's return successful. jeff gordon third followed by jimmie johnson and kevin harvick. next saturday night a bit of a break near the home office for the all-star race. hope you tune in then. we appreciate you be hing a part of nascar on fox. for michael waltrip, i'm chris meyers. the entire crew, happy mother's day and all the moms out there enjoy your day tomorrow!
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good evening and thank you for joining us for this special postrace edition of ktvu channel 2 news. i'm ken wayne. hither. heather holmes is off tonight. the calaveras county sheriff has announced an -- an arrest in the stunning death of

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